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The Mascoat Team - Advancing Standards for the Insulating Coatings Industry

Our team is comprised of a talented and experienced group of engineers, management, sales, and support staff who all work together to develop the highest quality coatings to meet our customers’ thermal and sound control needs. We understand the importance of keeping high standards for the insulating coatings industry to ensure that our products properly specified for conserving energy, keeping personnel safe, preventing CUI, reducing waste, and protecting infrastructure. We are the only insulating coatings company in the industry that employs a thermal engineer to accurately forecast how our coatings will perform on any substrate, in any circumstance. We are the only insulating coatings company in the industry that offers thermal analyses of potential products, completed in-house with science and years of experience backing up our estimations.


George H. More IV - President and Chairman
George has been serving as President and Chairman of the Board of Mascoat since he founded the company in 1995.  George has written extensively about insulation and sound damping coating and its attributes in industrial, commercial, marine, and transportation uses.  He is a leader in recognizing the need for new formulations and products to meet the demands of growing international and domestic markets, as well as our current customers.

Gary C. Prasher - Chief Operating Officer
Gary has been with Mascoat for over 10 years and currently is Chief Operating Officer and a member of the Board of Directors. Prior to joining Mascoat, Gary was a partner with PricewaterhouseCoopers, where he served major energy companies. Gary was with PwC for 40 years in the audit and consulting practices. Starting in 2004 Gary was assigned to serve major Chinese companies such as PetroChina where he assistant senior management in improving their business processes.

Robert R Browning Jr. - Vice President of Sales
Robert started with Mascoat in 2013, initially managing Mascoat’s Southeastern sales territory. His role quickly grew to cover the Eastern part of the US, Canada and the Caribbean. Robert has been in the coating industry approximately 20 years and holds a General Contractors license in the state of Florida.  Robert is active member in AMPP and is a NACE Level II CIP Coating’s Inspector. He attended Florida Atlantic University for Political Science and recently earned a Business Degree in Accounting.

Will Conner - Vice President of Marketing
Will has a diverse history in the field. He started in promotions and events immediately after college at the University of Houston, moving into healthcare marketing at Texas Children’s Hospital for 4 years, and has been with Mascoat since 2007. His role at the company has grown past just Marketing, and is also responsible for IT Infrastructure, as well as business matters related to Domestic and International Distribution, Research & Development, Staffing, and Retail Markets.

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