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Mascoat 450EN is a high-solid, high-build epoxy novolac. It is formulated and intended to be applied via spray application but can be brushed or rolled with special application instructions from Mascoat. The 2-part product incorporates a special thixotrope package which imparts a high-build capability in one coat (10-20 mils DFT/0.25-0.5 mm DFT). This is important to applicators and customers for an efficient application schedule.

The primer is intended to be used under insulating coatings or conventional insulation in highly corrosive environments and is designed to provide CUI protection per NACE SP0198. When used under insulation, Mascoat 450EN also offers outstanding resistance to wet and dry cycling at high temperatures up to 450˚F (230˚C). 450EN has excellent resistance to a multitude of chemical exposures, including acidic, alkaline, solvents and salt water.

If required, the product can be used as a stand-alone in immersion applications. The coating can be used on steel for offshore platforms, barges, refineries, petrochemical plants, power plants, pulp and paper mills, and many other areas as recommended.

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