Mascoat has been working with an emergency vehicle manufacturer for the past 6 months to see how its Transportation-DTA thermal insulating coating can help enhance the comfort and safety of their vehicles.

Test method AMD 012, a test designed by the NTEA (Nat'l. Truck Equipment Association) specifically for ambulances, is used to "measure and ensure adequate performance of the heater/air conditioning system in an ambulance". Basically, the procedure measures how long it takes to drop the temperature from 95˚F to 78˚F. 
Mascoat was applied in conjunction with a fabricated foam material specifically manufactured for this vehicle. Because the coating is spray-applied to a thickness of 1 mm, there was no need to redesign the existing fabricated material and could be easily integrated into the manufacturing process. The other materials tested were the fabricated foam material by itself and a widely-used spray foam option.

The test results were extraordinary, showing that Mascoat and the Fabricated foam outperformed the Fabricated Foam by itself by 31.5% and an astounding 63% against the Spray Foam product. The results convinced the manufacturer that the coating will add a substantial benefit to their customers and now plans to implement Mascoat Transportation-DTA into all new builds.