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How Mascoat Can Help Industrial Facilities Meet Standards and Recommended Practices

To run a safe and efficient industrial facility, personnel within these facilities develop guidelines and procedures to mandate methods for construction, maintenance, and processes. In addition to these internal protocols, organizations like the American Petroleum Institute (API) and the Association for Materials Protection and Performance (AMPP, f...

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Using Thermal Insulating Coatings for Long-Term Energy Efficiency

 With energy efficiency and use reduction becoming ever more important with volatile prices and international conflicts straining fuel sources, industrial facilities of all kinds are tasking their employees to reduce energy needs and conserve energy wherever possible. Not only does conserving energy when possible save money, it also helps to r...

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Test Shows Mascoat Boosts A/C Efficiency

Mascoat has been working with an emergency vehicle manufacturer to see how its Transportation-DTA thermal insulating coating can help enhance the comfort and safety of their vehicles. Test method AMD 012 (see page 13 in link), a test designed by the NTEA (Nat'l. Truck Equipment Association) specifically for ambulances, is used to "measure and ensur...

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A Better Insulation Solution for Flood Prone Areas

Retention areas around storage tanks are a necessity to keep accidental leaks contained to the site. Diked areas must be sufficiently impervious to contain discharged product, keeping the facility and the community surrounding it safe from harm. Unfortunately, this can cause another problem when torrential rains cause flooding. Rain and floodwater ...

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