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Mascoat's family of protective, thermal and sound control solutions has been developed over the last 25 years through research & development, scientific study, real world testing and customer input. We are a leading provider in insulating, anti-sweat and sound damping solutions. Whether you have a vessel with condensation issues, a storage tank that requires low energy costs and personnel protection from burns, or a vehicle that needs to reduce the amount of noise inside, Mascoat can help.

Each product is custom engineered to provide superior thermal and sound protection for the industrial, commercial, marine and automotive industries. Mascoat is an excellent alternative to conventional insulation and damping materials, including cellular glass, perlite, mineral wool, fiberglass, urethane and closed cell foam, and calcium silicate. Mascoat coatings are lighter than traditional insulation methods, reducing bulk in your structure. Their spray-application can reduce installation times and reduce manpower costs, keeping projects within budget. Best of all, since the coatings adhere directly to the substrate or primer, you will enjoy long-term protection of your equipment, no matter how harsh the environment. 

Lightweight & Effective

Low Maintenance

Easy Application

Weather Resistant

Protect Personnel

Retain Energy

Non-Toxic & Eco-Safe

Prevents CUI

Our Products at a Glance


Specifically designed for anti-condensation in industrial environments.


Highly reflective insulating coating formulated for commercial buildings.

Industrial DTI

Designed to retain energy and protect personnel from burns while preventing corrosion.


Designed to solve condensation/sweat issues on board vessels and platforms. 


Reduce heat transfer into automotive interiors to enhance safety and comfort.


2-part epoxy anti-condensation coating for the harshest industrial environments.

VBS Isolation Mounts

Limit vibrational transfer between ceilings/walls and marine superstructures.

Sound Control-dB

Reduce vibration and noise aboard a vessel, in a vehicle, or in an industrial environment.


Special bright white formulation designed to reduce solar loading.


2-part epoxy with aluminum pigmentation, appropriate for temperatures up to 250˚F (121˚C).


Preferred primer for applications that are higher than 250˚F (121˚C) and exceptional in the field.


High-solid, high-build epoxy novolac designed to provide CUI protection per NACE SP0198.


High-build, high-performance polyester urethane topcoat that adds advanced UV protection.


Premium, silicone copolymer high-heat coating effective on steel surfaces.