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Industrial Pipelines

Mascoat provides proven industrial coatings for pipeline insulation that prevent corrosion and save energy in just a few millimeters. Our coatings are spray-on products that can be quickly applied to active pipelines, reducing application costs, manpower and any equipment downtime.

Our coatings bond directly with substrates and primers for worry-free application and maintenance. Designed to eliminate pipeline corrosion and save you money, Mascoat is a one-part system that reduces solar loading while maintaining critical transfer temperatures.

Product Advantages Include:

  • Low-maintenance formulation that ensures product longevity
  • Simple, low-fume application for tight spaces
  • Elimination of costly Condensation Under Insulation (CUI)
  • Simplified pipeline inspection (no insulation removal required)
  • Decreased energy usage due to redirection of pipe heat
  • Stabilization of internal pipeline temperatures during hot and cold product transfer
Success Stories
Success Stories