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In the Media

Mascoat has positioned itself as the thought leader of the thermal protection coatings industry by consistently educating and sharing information through trade publications. Below are a few magazines that have showcased our technical expertise on insulating coatings. You can also learn about specific applications where Mascoat was not only the best, but sometimes the only solution to their customers' insulation and sound control problems.

*Please note that some articles reference old Mascoat brand names (Delta).

The Benefits of Thermal Insulating Coatings for Storage Tanks and Process Vessels in Storm-prone Areas

Over many years of providing specifications and consultations to end users and engineering firms globally, we have found that there are optimal applications for all types of insulation materials. With this approach, one can recommend the best solution that meets the customer’s needs.

Use of Insulating Coatings for Hazard Protection

One of the biggest hazards that was not mentioned, that Mascoat can help prevent, is corrosion under insulation (CUI). (Be sure to read An Introduction to the Root Causes of CUI with Monica Chauviere for more about CUI.) The list of ways CUI can cause fatal accidents seems to be never ending, but it has been shown time after time that CUI is no longer an issue after Mascoat’s insulating coatings have been installed.

Preventing Corrosion with Thermal Insulating Coatings

In many industrial processes, the ability to regulate the temperature in process vessels, tanks and other equipment is a valuable asset. The petrochemical, food production, pharmaceutical and specialty chemical sectors are just some of the industries that depend on temperature regulation. Uncontrolled and unwanted loss of energy generally translates to process and cost inefficiencies.

How Thermal Insulating Coatings Can Be Used to Prevent Flood Damage

Retention areas around storage tanks are necessary to contain accidental leaks within the site. Diked areas must be sufficiently impervious to contain discharged product and keep the facility and the community surrounding it safe from harm. Unfortunately, this can cause a problem when torrential rains cause flooding. Rain and floodwater that collects in the retention area can sit there for an extended period depending on the severity of the storm and how long the rain continues.

Use of Insulation Coatings for Burn Protection

Over the past two decades, there has emerged a variety of coatings technologies that have addressed the need to provide insulation protection for personnel. Interestingly, what seems not to have emerged is industry consensus on measuring effectiveness. The Corrosion Media Network is honored to host today’s presentation featuring one of those rare individuals with keen experience in this area.

Damaged Insulation Replaced with Coating that Insulates

A lesson from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita has a Louisiana refinery changing the way it insulates some of its tank exteriors. Several tanks previously insulated with foam are now being protected with Mascoat Industrial-DTI. Hurricane winds can rip away foam insulation from storage tanks, but Mascoat's insulative coatings are not susceptible to wind and will continue to provide benefits through harsh weather conditions.

Marine Coatings Tame the Bering Sea

When Kvichak Marine industries was commissioned to build a hovercraft, they knew that aluminum would offer the strength required for the project, but needed an innovative insulation solution. Therefore, they enlisted the help of Mascoat to solve a multitude of problems using their sound damping and insulating coatings.

Sailing Icy Seas with Technology

CoatingsPro outlines the features of Mascoat's thermal protection and anti-condensation coating, including the advantages and limitations of a composite coating.

Mitigating CUI Using Insulating Coatings

Howard Mitschke, an independent coatings consultant, discusses the downfalls of traditional insulation systems and the benefits of insluating coatings. He provides insight into how Mascoat's coatings insulate equipment, protect personnel against burns, and stabilize processes.

BP Refinery Rotterdam Solves Problem of CUI

Tank Storage Magazine calls Mascoat coatings "revolutionary" after reviewing how Mascoat Industrial-DTI helped solve BP's heat and CUI problems.

Insulation and Protection

World Cruise Industry Review discusses how Mascoat's sound damping and thermal anti-condensation coatings were the perfect solution for a cruise liner that was looking to retrofit their gym. The coatings were actually applied while the ship was on a cruise and carrying passengers with virtually zero downtime. Best of all, Mascoat is the only thermal protection coatings company to have all major marine approvals, an essential requirement for the client.

Rapid Application and Results for Light Coating

Read about how Mascoat's coatings were used on Dann Marine Towing's new tug, the Chesapeake Coast. Mascoat was able to reduce condensation and radiant heat gain on the vessel without adding excess weight to the build. Based on the success of this job, Dann Marine Towing decided to use Mascoat again on two more projects, this time utilizing Mascoat's Sound Control-dB coating.

Personnel Protection isn’t as Standard as you Think

Using their knowledge of heat flux and research documents from ASTM, George More, President of Mascoat, teamed up with Howard Mitschke, an independent coatings specialist, to test Mascoat Industrial-DTI for its personnel protection capabilities. After thorough testing through a third party lab, the results clearly identified that at a minimal thicknesses, the coating was well within the ASTM criteria for 5-second skin exposure.

Insulation coatings: when you should use them on storage tanks

Thermal barrier coatings can be and have been used on storage tanks over a wide spectrum of industries. There are many factors such as geographic region, the size of the tank, time of the year, etc. that Mascoat factors in to determine a successful application.

Quietly Controlling Noise with the Help of Coatings

U.S. Navy’s AGOR Research Vessels are built to be as operationally quiet as possible. That’s where Mascoat’s Sound Control-dB coating comes in.

Right Roof Solution Can Take The Heat!

When a building houses high-tech lasers that are highly sensitive to temperature changes, not having the proper rooftop coating system can wreak havoc, especially in a climate like that of central Florida. Mascoat WeatherBloc-IC helped this company beat the heat with a cost-effective solution that could be applied quickly.

The Right Insulation for The Storm

In Mascoat's 20 years of providing specifications and consultation to end users and engineering firms globally, the firm has found there are optimal applications for all types of insulation materials.

The Beet Goes On!

Western Sugar Cooperative (WSC) recently decided to increase capacity at Scottsbluff by adding nine new steel processing tanks. After careful deliberation, the co-op opted to kick the fiberglass habit. and beat the heat with Mascoat Industrial-DTI.

Preventing Loss with Insulating Coatings

A common and unfortunate theme of storage tanks around the world today is loss. Whether it is vapour loss, energy loss, or even loss of substrate due to corrosion, any of them can be costly. Will Connor, the marketing director of Mascoat, talks about the only solution that can help tackle these costly losses; thermal protection coatings.

A Better Insulation Solution for Flood Prone Areas

Mascoat has years of experience consulting industries on thier insualtion needs and best preventative practices for those faced with flood zones.