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VBS Isolation Mounts

For years Mascoat has helped make vessels quieter with Sound Control-dB, the industry leading sound damping coating. Building on the tradition of keeping crew and passengers safer and more comfortable, Mascoat is proud to introduce VBS Isolation Mounts. These durable, effective brackets can secure and isolate a wall or suspended ceiling with no metal-to-metal contact between the ceiling rail system and the superstructure. This means that vibrations traveling through the ship will be decoupled from the suspended ceiling, creating a much quieter vessel.


  • Limits vibrational transfer from the superstructure to walls and suspended ceilings, reducing panel noise
  • Rapid installation with no need for multiple bits to attach and tighten the brackets
  • Locking pin and ring are able to be reversed, allowing for crucial space saving
  • Safety Lock System ensures that ceiling will be secure in the event of fire

To give customers the best performance for their specific needs, Mascoat developed 3 different rubber dampers that each perform depending on the situation. Mascoat personnel will work closely with designers and owners to find the best solution for each vessel, ensuring successful noise reduction.

Rubber Damper Comparison:

  • The Grey Damper is most effective with lighter loads. By coupling this system with lighter panels, noise and vibration can be noticeably reduced.
  • The Blue Damper was designed for heavier loads. By coupling this system with heavier panels, noise and vibration can be controlled effectively.
  • The Orange Damper adheres to IMO Code Part 5 regarding Surface Flammability and has an ABS Certificate of Design Assessment. It has superior flame resistance, while still effectively reducing noise and vibrations.