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Sound Control-dB

Mascoat Sound Control-dB has been trusted by marine, transportation and industrial companies worldwide since 1995 to provide effective, long-lasting vibration and noise reduction in a coating form. Building on that trust, Mascoat released the newest version of Sound Control-dB (MSC-dB4) in 2021 with drastically improved sound damping characteristics, especially under 300 Hz, and higher application film builds. This results in better performance and quicker application times.

The coating’s revolutionary technology minimizes loud vibration due to structural translation and mechanical output, which significantly increases safety and ensures vessel comfort for crew and passengers. Typical application thicknesses range from 40–160 mils (1–4 mm), depending on the application. Whether you utilize Mascoat Sound Control-dB4 to dampen noise from pumps, engines, machine housing or ductwork, you can expect superior performance, durability and cost-effectiveness. Though it requires minimal application effort, the coating lasts for years without maintenance and reduces annual repair expenditures for Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI). 

The new and improved water-based formulation allows for safe and easy addition of multiple coats depending on the project scope. Mascoat Sound Control-dB4 contains no toxic ingredients and is low in VOCs, making it safe for use in virtually any environment.


  • Can be applied to 40-50 mils (1.0-1.25 mm) wet in one coat
  • Offers best damping to thickness ratio of any sound damping coating in the market
  • Enhanced damping versus previous formulation, especially in the 0-300Hz range


  • Increased reduction of structure-borne noise and vibrations
  • Saves installation time compared to sound damping tiles
  • Reduce overall construction time-frame
  • Increase interior comfort
  • Lightweight compared to damping tiles
  • Meets IMO/SOLAS guidelines
  • Easily repairable if needed