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What is Sound Damping?

Soundproofing and sound damping are two terms that are sometimes confused as the same thing when in reality, sound damping is just one of the ways to reduce noise in an object or room. Soundproofing is a combination of many different means to achieve the goal of reducing sound pressure with respect to a specified sound source and receptor. Or in layman terms, to reduce the sound you hear.

Various methods can include:

  • Distance – the greater the distance, the quieter the noise sounds
  • Damping – dissipates vibrational energy before it can build up and radiate as sound
  • Absorption – Trapping the sound waves
  • Diffusion – scatters sound in different directions

Mascoat Sound Control-dB

Mascoat formulated Sound Control-dB to help in this process, but the product only focuses on noise damping. Many people are familiar with this process when they watch a drummer grab onto a cymbal to stop it from vibrating. By stopping the cymbal from vibrating, the drummer has quieted the noise emitting from it. Sound Control-dB works similarly, in that application of the coating greatly reduces vibrations, therefore noise.

Along with industrial and transportation applications, one of the coatings most prevalent uses has been on marine vessels. Think about how a ship is constructed, with many different metal surfaces welded or riveted together to form an entire ship. The engine can create quite a lot of vibration, which is then transferred throughout the ship because all of the metal is connected. This vibration causes loud noise that can be inconvenient or even dangerous to personnel working on board. By applying Sound Control-dB all around the engine room and then staggering out its application to surfaces around the engine room, vibrationand therefore noise is greatly reduced. Read some of our case studies that include applications like marine, commercial and power plants.

VBS Isolation Mounts

Another sound damping option we offer at Mascoat is our VBS mount system which helps marine vessels meet international habitability standards.On workboats and yachts, vibrations can be disruptive and unsettling to passengers and crew as they work, play, and sleep. To keep passengers comfortable, Mascoat offers VBS Isolation Mounts and Rail System. Each of these durable, universal mounts decouple the structure and the ceiling system, resulting in reduced vibration and noise throughout the vessel. Our team will work closely with owners and designers to find the best solution for each vessel and even provides a rubber damper that has tested in accordance with the latest IMO fire codes.

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