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Primers & Topcoats

Enhanced Protection for Industrial Coating Applications

Mascoat thermal coatings have been protecting industrial substrates for over 25 years. After working with hundreds of different primers and topcoats from around the globe, Mascoat now offers a full line of primers and finish coatings to complement our existing insulating coatings. Our primers and finish coats provide superior protection in multiple scenarios at varying temperatures. Product application is simple and easy, reducing the margin for error, shortening application times and decreasing headaches for plant and contractor personnel.

  • 250P

    Mascoat 250P is a 2-part epoxy with aluminum pigmentation. It is appropriate for temperatures up to 250˚F (121˚C), an extremely common temperature for insulating coating applications.  The aluminum pigmentation sets it apart from many other epoxies and is important for a few reasons:

    • The aluminum provides additional plating, creating a treacherous path through the film for moisture ingress and enhancing permeability characteristics. These qualities greatly increase the coating’s ability to prevent corrosion.
    • The pigment increases surface tolerance which gives the coating better adhesive properties and ensures a long lifespan once applied.
    • Although the primer is designed to be topcoated with an insulating coating, it can also be used as a standalone because the aluminum decreases the rate of chalking.

    Surface preparation on large scale maintenance applications like tanks is crucial but not always executed perfectly, especially in areas where blasting is not allowed. Mascoat 250P is ideal for these situations, as it is easily applied to marginally prepared surfaces that have been remediated with hand tools. Its 1:1 mixing ratio, good pot life at 4 hours in 75˚F (24˚C) and ability to be applied via spray, brush or roll methods make the coating a breeze to work with for contractors on applications of all sizes. The simplicity reduces mistakes and labor hours, shortening application times and decreasing headaches for plant and contractor personnel.

    Sometimes unforeseen events can cause delays in application. 250P has a 30 day recoat window. This means if a job has to stop for a few days or weeks after the application has begun, there is no need to go back over previous work. The primer also has wonderful flexibility, which is extremely important on storage tanks due to expansion and contraction concerns.

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  • 400DFP

    Mascoat 400DFP is the preferred primer for applications that are higher than 250˚F (121˚C). Our thermal insulating coatings are designed to work on substrates up to 350˚F (177˚C), sustained with peaks up to 375˚F (190˚C), and this primer is suitable on applications up to 400˚F (200˚C).

    Mascoat 400DFP requires a specific reducer to acheive dry-fall properties within 10-20 feet (3-6 meters), but does not need one if dry-fall is not required. The one-part product with no pot life is ready to spray out of the pail and does not risk overspray on vehicles or buildings near the application site, though a reducer may be needed in extreme cold or hot ambient conditions.

    The product can be applied via spray, brush or roll methods, giving the contractor and client more choices on how to achieve their goals. It is light yellow in color which offers the distinct advantage for contractors to not see shadows. That means that the person spraying can tell when they have achieved the desired thickness of 2-4 mils without the need for a wet mil gauge, though Mascoat always recommends quality assurance measures be taken.

    Other manufacturer coatings that work in this temperature range experience reduced flexibility at higher film builds, however Mascoat 400DFP retains its flexibility, ensuring that it will remain adhered to the substrate through all hot/cold cycles. The primer does require equipment to be out of service during application, but it is ready to recoat within just 1 hour and the equipment can be brought back into service in only 12 hours. Since thermal insulating coatings can be applied to hot surfaces, the system ensures minimal downtime for facilities.

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  • 450EN

    Mascoat 450EN is a high-solid, high-build epoxy novolac. It is formulated and intended to be applied via spray application but can be brushed or rolled with special application instructions from Mascoat. The 2-part product incorporates a special thixotrope package which imparts a high-build capability in one coat (10-20 mils DFT/0.25-0.5 mm DFT). This is important to applicators and customers for an efficient application schedule.

    The primer is intended to be used under insulating coatings or conventional insulation in highly corrosive environments and is designed to provide CUI protection per NACE SP0198. When used under insulation, Mascoat 450EN also offers outstanding resistance to wet and dry cycling at high temperatures up to 450˚F (230˚C). 450EN has excellent resistance to a multitude of chemical exposures, including acidic, alkaline, solvents and salt water.

    If required, the product can be used as a stand-alone in immersion applications. The coating can be used on steel for offshore platforms, barges, refineries, petrochemical plants, power plants, pulp and paper mills, and many other areas as recommended.

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  • 200UTC

    Mascoat 200UTC is a high-build, high-performance polyester urethane topcoat. It is designed to be used as a finish coat for our line of insulating coatings where long-term color and gloss retention is desired. 

    The topcoat adds advanced UV protection to greatly increase durability. It may also be used as a stand-alone product over a properly primed substrate. A hard and tough 2-part urethane coating, Mascoat 200UTC has good chemical resistance and exceptional adhesion properties. It has a flexible film, making it ideal for use on projects that are susceptible to expansion and contraction.

    Mascoat 200UTC is stocked in white but custom colors can be matched for any project with minimum quantities. It may be applied by brush or roller, airless, and conventional spray. The coating is designed for use in industrial environments, such as refineries, pulp and paper mills, sugar mills and storage terminals, among others.

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  • 600P

    Mascoat 600P is a premium, silicone copolymer high-heat coating effective on steel surfaces operating up to 600˚F (315˚C). The VOC-compliant coating may be used direct-to-metal or topcoated with a variety of Mascoat’s insulating coatings or topcoats, as specified. The product can be topcoated in 2 hours and put into service in just 12 hours.

    Mascoat 600P does not require a heat cure and offers excellent corrosion resistance with enhanced flexibility to expand and contract along with the substrate. The coating’s gray eggshell finish is easily applied in a single coat via airless or conventional spraying. It is predominantly used on structural steel and steel tanks within refineries, petrochemical plants, power plants, pulp and paper mills, and other facilities as recommended.

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