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Mascoat Transportation-DTA is brought you by the manufacturers of LizardSkin Spray-on Insulation, the premier automotive thermal and sound solution.

Mascoat Transportation-DTA is a spray-on automotive thermal insulating coating designed to reduce heat transfer into the interior of vehicles of all sizes. We also provide exterior protection against moisture, rust, and corrosion. Heat can come from any number of areas, such as the engine, exhaust, on-board generators, even the sun, and the product is extremely effective at keeping it away from passengers within to ensure comfort and safety. The environmentally friendly, water-based formula passes FMVSS-302 flammability testing and is an advanced composition of high-grade acrylic binders with air-filled particles that insulate effectively while minimizing vehicle downtime.

Unlike more complex insulation options that are pieced together and glued on, Mascoat Transportation-DTA is a lightweight, one-part coating that is easily applied to all types of geometry, even the smallest corners and tightest spaces. With our spray applied system, we mitigate waste and decrease labor hours as a result of the ease of application. Since it bonds directly to the substrate or primer to which it is applied, the coating ensuring long-term, quality performance without the risk of debonding after just a few years. The coating keeps temperatures in cabs and cargo areas more comfortable and stable at a minimum thickness (0.5–2.0 mm). It is easily applied to interior and exterior components including engine compartments, roofs, floors, side walls and underbody.

transportation dta bucket

 Application is recommended on all types of vehicle surfaces needing a thermal barrier, including:

  • Engine housings and covers
  • Generator compartments
  • Cargo holds
  • Roofs
  • Floors
  • Sidewalls
  • Interiors
  • Exterior roofs
  • Underbody

Though Mascoat Transportation-DTA only adds 0.046 lbs./ft2 per coat, as a beneficial secondary benefit, its direct bond to the substrate allows it to lessen surface borne noise for a quieter interior experience. If sound is your primary concern, learn more about our Mascoat Sound Control-dB product, manufactured specifically to control noise and vibration.

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